If We're NOT Just About Kegels, What Are We About?

Pelvic PT Rising

Jan 24 2022 • 39 mins

Our profession has made a huge shift in the last decade.  We've moved away from believing our specialty was all about Kegels and voluntary control of the pelvic floor.  There's so much more we can be doing to help patients!

In fact, only 4% of those surveyed said they prescribed Kegels or reverse Kegels to almost all of their patients.  10 years ago, it would have been almost 100%.

But while a lot of us know what we aren't for (Kegels for everyone!) we don't really know what we are supposed to replace them with.  We talk about awareness, coordination, half-contractions, reverse Kegels, breathwork and more.

The craziest part?  We don't even have the language to describe what we mean!  What is (and is not) a 'Kegel'?  What is (and is not) pelvic floor strengthening?

And if we're confused, you know patients are totally lost!

Check out the 'sode (and the course, coming soon!) to learn more!

Downtraining Masterclass

If you get stuck with downtraining, run out of ideas for patients, or don't understand the three distinct types of downtraining, make sure to check out the Downtraining Masterclass!

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Nicole and Jesse Cozean founded Pelvic PT Rising to provide clinical and business resources to physical therapists to change the way we treat pelvic health. PelvicSanity Physical Therapy together in 2016.  It grew quickly into one of the largest cash-based physical therapy practices in the country.

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