Sara Reardon: Building an Authentic Brand

Pelvic PT Rising

Jul 25 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

As The Vagina Whisperer, Sara has done an amazing job creating a personal brand, educating patients and advocating for our field.

In this inspiring interview we dive into her clinical philosophy, her business journey and how she's managed to create an authentic personal brand that resonates.

Love how passionate she is about helping moms in the early postpartum phase.  There's so much more we can do to support our patients.

One of the most inspiring things Sara shares is there is no magic formula.  As she says “I'm just like, a struggling mom and business owner and pelvic floor PT, like everybody else out there...I really come back to I'm just super passionate about this.”

Also so excited to announce her PelviCon topics on this 'sode.  Can't wait to spend time with her in person and hear more about:

  • Early Postpartum Recovery After Vaginal and Cesarean Birth
  • How to Reach More Patients by Intentionally Building Your Brand

If you don't have your in-person tickets make sure you get the PelviCon Recording for access to our incredible speaker lineup!

Sara Reardon

The founder of NOLA Pelvic Health in New Orleans, Sara has been an incredible advocate for our profession.  Make sure to check out her information and follow her on IG (@thevaginawhisperer).

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