Genomics & Precision Health | Dr Naveed Aziz | AHI #17

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Aug 6 2023 • 27 mins

Our guest today is Dr Naveed Aziz who is a Genomics research scientist & serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CGEn, Canada’s national platform for genome sequencing & analysis. Dr Naveed’s leadership has enabled CGEn to fuel research and innovation, playing a key role in the advancement of technological developments within the field of genomics.

He is passionate about the development of powerful and efficient solutions enabling high-speed data exchange at national and international scale. His previous roles include serving as the Director of Technology programs at Genome Canada, Head of Genomics at University of York, UK and as a Research Fellow at the Noble Research Institute, USA.

In addition to being awarded the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) 2022

Research Partnership Award, Dr. Aziz was also named one of Canada’s Emerging Executive

Leaders by adMare Academy Executive Institute in 2018 and included in the list of Canada’s

Top 20 Dynamic CEOs by The CEO Publication in 2021.

He has also recently presented a TEDx talk on Convergence of Divergence: The Mysteries of the Human Genome, and we will leave a link for this in the description below.

[00:00] Welcome

[00:05] Introduction

[01:22] How has Religion & relationship with Allah motivated to pursue your field?

[05:41] What is Genomics & Precision Health Research?

[07:10] DNA & The Human Genome Project

[12:12] Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a significant role in Human Genomics?

[15:36] Understanding Genetics & translation of DNA

[18:28] The Mystery of the Human Genome's Dark Matter

[19:48] Treating Genetic Diseases

[22:45] Advice to Muslim Researchers & encouraging the next generation

[26:18] Concluding remarks

Links related to the discussion:

Convergence of Divergence: The Mysteries of the Human Genome | Dr. Naveed Aziz | TEDxCanadoreCollege

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