The Mind, Mental Health & Religion | Dr Shakeel Ahmad | AHI #16

Al Hakam Inspire Podcast

Jun 22 2023 • 45 mins

Our guest today is Dr Shakeel Ahmad, a Consultant Psychiatrist, who has over 20 years of working in different sub-specialties of adult psychiatry.

During this time, he has also served in senior operational roles including Clinical Director for General Adult Psychiatry in Surrey, UK and as Chair of London Division, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. Dr Shakeel Ahmad has also been one of the contributors to WHO Guide on Mental Health to Primary Care, UK. He had an early interest in philosophy and development of human mind; as an undergraduate he co-founded an organisation to promote creative thinking amongst the youth through self-discipline.

He has also been involved with research projects on the Holy Quran, within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and is a regular contributor to the Voice of Islam UK radio.

We discuss the development of the Human Mind, Cognition and Thought. We explore Mental Health including Anxiety & Depression, and what we can learn from Islam regarding the Mental & Spiritual progression of our minds.

[00:00] Welcome

[01:43] The Development of the Human Mind

[03:59] Evolution of Consciousness

[04:33] The Frontal Lobe of the Brain

[06:52] How Intoxicants affect the Brain

[08:55] What is Cognition?

[10:14] Spirituality & Spiritual experiences

[11:50] Navigating Self-discipline & Spirituality

[15:03] Self-determination of Human Psychology

[17:45] How does Religion affect Society?

[21:08] Scientific Studies show Religion improves Mental Health!

[25:53] Mental Health & Belonging to an organised Religion

[28:20] Mental Health Disorders

[30:41] Why are Mental Health issues increasing?

[33:35] Peoples' rights to healthcare have been impacted!

[34:34] The Holy Quran & Mental Health

[35:46] Holy Quran: Absolute Justice, Kindness & Kinship

[38:15] Society, Support & Absolute Justice

[39:18] The Holy Quran & Guidance for Mental Health

[41:10] Confession to God & 'Catharsis'

[42:57] Going through Pain makes you Stronger

[44:25] Concluding remarks

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