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059 - Part 2 of 2 - Dusty's inspiring mental health journey. (Dusty Horton)
Nov 14 2023
059 - Part 2 of 2 - Dusty's inspiring mental health journey. (Dusty Horton)
Warning: this episode includes conversation about suicide.  This episode may not be appropriate for anyone sensitive to the topic of suicide.  If you are having suicidal thoughts, please know, SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER, help is available.  A super easy way to get help in the United States is the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, Just TEXT or CALL 988.  Please get help.  This world needs each and every one of you.  HELP. IS. AVAILABLE.   Text 988 or Call 988.The is the 2nd of our 2 part series with O.G. BMX pro Dusty Horton.   In this episodes Dusty shares his mental health journey including his childhood experiences, struggle with perfectionism, numerous serious injuries, alcohol abuse, incarceration, losing his driver's license, thoughts of suicide, and thankfully for Dusty (and all of us) his path to recovery and balance through trauma work with Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.  Dusty also takes us through how cycling is playing a role in his path to recovery and how his relationship with his bike has changed. 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: Somatic Therapy:  Harvard Medical SchoolYin Yoga: How to manage your perfectionism: Harvard Business Review (HBR)Dusty Horton's Instagram: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
057 - Wolfman returns!  An exercise physiologist's take on cardiovascular fitness and bike fit. (Andew Wolf)
Oct 31 2023
057 - Wolfman returns! An exercise physiologist's take on cardiovascular fitness and bike fit. (Andew Wolf)
Ever wondered about the intricate science behind cardiovascular fitness and the mysterious VO2 max readings on your smart devices? Or pondered about the impact of bike crank lengths on your cadence? Well, your curiosity is about to be satiated as we explore these fascinating topics with our guest, Wolfman. An exercise physiologist turned real estate agent, Wolfman's unique journey is sure to captivate you as much as his insights on physiology and bike mechanics.Imagine hitting a wall during your training because you've been pushing too hard—overtraining is a genuine concern, and we'll be uncovering the importance of recovery and mental strength and how renowned athletes like Chris Horner and Mark Spitz handle training. But it's not all about the physical; we also delve into muscle cramps and the science behind them, plus the long-term impacts of high-intensity training. We're also going to take a closer look at the significance of bike fit, from saddle height to handlebars, and how it can make a world of difference to your cycling performance.In the final segment, we explore the intersection between real estate and bicycles in communities, the advantages of bike paths, and the perils of sidewalk riding. We delve into the role infrastructure plays in creating not just an easier, safer cycling experience, but also how it can up the value of your home. And if you've ever struggled with sleep hygiene, you'll want to tune in as we discuss its impact on training performance and the benefits of sleep studies and CPAP machines. So grab your headphones, hop on your bike, and join us for a conversation that promises to be as enlightening as it is engaging.Wolfman's 1st MCP Episode - MCP 027 a bike fit!  Ask around your local area.  In Tucson?  Here's a couple options... Kurt Rosenquist: Kaiser: measures of bicyclists’ subjective experiences: A scoping review - Estate Topics: Trails and Greenways - Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier - with 18 Bicycles incorporated into Active Couples House - Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
055 - Hike Texas Canyon? Bike from SE Arizona to Vegas? Promoting the outdoors with Trails Inspire. (Sirena Rana)
Oct 3 2023
055 - Hike Texas Canyon? Bike from SE Arizona to Vegas? Promoting the outdoors with Trails Inspire. (Sirena Rana)
In this episode we chat with Sirena Rana, owner of Trails Inspire.  The episode covers many cool outdoor topics including Amerind Museum's grand opening (Oct 7th, 2023) of a new hiking trail system in Texas Canyon, AZ (in the Dragoons) and The Sun Corridor Trail project which aims to establish a bike touring route from Douglas, AZ to Las Vegas, NV.Trails Inspire was established to help promote the outdoors through freelance writing, photography, public speaking and trail design.  It's owner, Sirena, loves to share the fascinating places she explores while hiking, backpacking, rafting and canyoneering through her photography, speaking engagements and writing.  Sirena is the author of “Best Day Hikes on the Arizona National Scenic Trail” and a contributing author to “Your Complete Guide to the Arizona National Scenic Trail” and her articles have appeared in the Copper Town News, American Long Distance Hiking Association – West Gazette, Visit Arizona’s website and many more. Her photos have been featured in Backpacker Magazine: Long Trails and “Your Official Guide to the Arizona National Scenic Trail" as well as numerous publications, online articles and the Arizona Highways blog.She has appeared on Arizona Public Media, The Arizona Republic, Arizona Daily Sun, Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Highways blog, Good Morning Arizona, Tucson News Now and She Explores ,The Trail Show, and of course the Mountain Cog podcasts.Episode web links.Texas Canyon Hiking Trails Grand Opening: Corridor Trail Project:  suncorridortrail.orgTrails Inspire: trailsinspire.comTexas Canyon trail system: Canyon Mountain Bike Race: Museum:’s Instagram:’s LinkedIn: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
053 - If only our chief of police was an avid cyclist. Oh wait, he is! (Chad Kasmar, Tucson Chief of Police)
Sep 5 2023
053 - If only our chief of police was an avid cyclist. Oh wait, he is! (Chad Kasmar, Tucson Chief of Police)
Today's guest, Tucson Police Department Chief Chad Kasmar, is a passionate cyclist with a fascinating career in public safety.  Kasmar shares his journey from a tricycle-riding child to an avid mountain biking adult. We delve into his adventurous Leadville race experiences, discuss his transition from dirt bikes to mountain biking, and explore how his public safety career influences his approach to cycling.Safety, of course, is paramount. Therefore, we zoom in on the critical aspect of cycling safety, where Kasmar stresses the importance of situational awareness, reflective clothing, and lights. Drawing from a chilling incident of his friend being hit by a car while cycling, he provides insights on collision prevention. We further examine the often-strained relationship between cyclists and motorists, the role of courtesy on the road, and the laws' significance.Delving into the intersection of public safety and cycling, we investigate the potential of e-bikes in police patrols. As the discussion broadens, we touch upon the etiquette between cyclists and motorists, bike patrol's role in community policing, and the impact of biking on addressing community issues like poverty and bike theft. So gear up and join us as we traverse the challenging yet rewarding terrain of biking, public safety, and community involvement with Chief Chad Kasmar. Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
052 - Graham Cracker route, 6300 ft descent over 17 miles.  Restoring trails on Mount Graham. (Nat Gordon, SDMB)
Aug 22 2023
052 - Graham Cracker route, 6300 ft descent over 17 miles. Restoring trails on Mount Graham. (Nat Gordon, SDMB)
Ever wondered what it takes to reconstitute and epic big mountain trail system with sick vertical drop? Today, we're fortunate to have Nat Gordon, a board member of the volunteer-run Sonoran Desert Mountain Bikers (SDMB) organization on the show, to shed some light on their organization and their efforts to revive the trails on Mount Graham in South Eastern Arizona.  Nat shares incredible insights into the hard work, engineering, and environmental considerations that go into trail restorations, and how the unique conditions of the Sonoran Desert add an extra layer of complexity.The conversation doesn't stop at trail building. We also stir up discussions about the important initiatives at SDMB to foster diversity and inclusion within their ranks. Here’s a little teaser: They are on a mission to recruit more female board members! And yes, they speak about the irresistible lure of Mount Graham, the heart of their remarkable project. It's not just about mountain biking; we also hear about the exhilarating road riding opportunities that this mountain has to offer. Towards the end, we steer the conversation to the responsible side of mountain biking. Nat enlightens us about SDMB's "be cool" trail safety initiatives, bike skills, and bike Academy program aimed at promoting inclusion and trail etiquette. We explore the vital role of volunteers in keeping the organization running smoothly, especially in the post-pandemic world. Lastly, we also touch upon the fascinating world of trail maintenance, the cowboy gate etiquette, and the somewhat cryptic art of securing funding for these activities. So, if you're a mountain biking enthusiast or simply love hearing about behind-the-scenes operations, you can't afford to miss this episode!Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB) : https://www.SDMB.orgMount Graham Visitors Guide: Mountain Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
051 - Ride Tucson… a desert oasis building bike community.  (Jesus Frías)
Aug 8 2023
051 - Ride Tucson… a desert oasis building bike community. (Jesus Frías)
Join us as we pedal our way through the world of cycling with our guest, Jesus Frías, a seasoned cyclist and owner of Ride Tucson, a new shop that focuses on building community.  With over two decades of riding experience tucked under his helmet, Jesus opens up about his inventive business model that blends his love for cycling with a passion for local culture, food, and community engagement. This unique symphony of experiences has given birth to a cycling oasis in the heart of the desert that's as refreshing as a chilled bottle of Bacanora, made specifically for Ride Tucson.Our conversation heads South as we hop on our virtual bikes and set course for South America, strapping ourselves in for an exploration of latin bike culture. Jesus' stories range from an intriguing history of electric bicycles to his escapades training dealers and customers with Specialized SBCU. We then gear up and race to Mexico, shedding light on the world of bike races, shops, and a pulsing cycling culture that rivals any Tour de France stage.In the finale of our chat, we shift gears to discuss e-bikes - a phenomenon electrifying the biking industry. Jesus offers a unique insight into the brands he carries, the staggering growth of the e-bike market and the myriad of ways e-bikes are being used globally. From the thrill of Mexican wrestling culture - Lucha Libre, to his sunset collection inspired by Tucson's mountain views, this conversation is super interesting. So, get ready to embark on this ride with Jesus Frías, where every turn unveils a potential new and exhilarating cycling adventure.Ride Tucson: Loop (Tucson's 150+ mile paved bike path):'s favorite place to ride in South America: Colonia, Uruguay: EBikes: EBikes: Libre: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
050 - Air awareness is air awareness... from the skate park to the bike park. (Skander Anderson & Grayson Festerling)
Jul 25 2023
050 - Air awareness is air awareness... from the skate park to the bike park. (Skander Anderson & Grayson Festerling)
Turns out, growing up in a skatepark lays the foundation for unbelievable talent on gravity fed trails.This week’s guests (Skander Anderson & Grayson Festerling) are both 14 years old.  They grew up spending countless hours riding and competing on freestyle scooters at skateparks throughout the country.  Today, they are “retired” from freestyle scooter competitions and both pursue other passions like weightlifting and basketball.However, if you put these boys on capable mountain bikes, with lift assisted, gravity fed, flow and jump lines, you learn very quickly that “air awareness is air awareness”, regardless of the sport.  Just don’t ask them to pedal, ain’t nobody got time for that…Throughout the episode the boys take us through their skatepark history, tell stories of bad crashes, injury, recovery, and ultimately transitioning to BMX dirt jumping and gravity riding.  They discuss their approach to gravity fed mountain biking and how with what appears to be very little effort, they clear double black diamond jump lines and advanced features that very few of us would even attempt.  These boys are funny, entertaining, and probably better than you on a mountain bike, as long as you don’t ask them to pedal.Angelfire Bike Park - BMX Dirt Jump Bikes they ride Indoor Skatepark (where they grew up) West - Action Sport Camps Pro Scooters (Skander’s old sponsor) Scooters (Grayson’s old sponsor) Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
049 - Point your knees, twist your hips, & go ride w/ Trail Lovers in Sedona. (Joanna & Phil Yates)
Jul 18 2023
049 - Point your knees, twist your hips, & go ride w/ Trail Lovers in Sedona. (Joanna & Phil Yates)
This episode features Joanna and Phil Yates of Trail Lovers, a company located in Sedona, Arizona that provides guided mountain bike rides/tours. Joanna is the Skills Clinic Manager & Lead Skills Coach and Phil is the General Manager & Lead Guide. Trail Lovers offers many different, unique, and 5-star MTB tours for every type of rider. They create a streamlined adventure experience with door-to-door service, providing everything needed (even great organic snacks).During the episode, Joanna and Phil share insights into the world class mountain bike riding in Sedona along with some fun and easy to remember tips and tricks to improve riding on the trails. They discuss their top bike parks and trails around the United States and a bit about van life. Additionally, Joanna talks about her innovative remote coaching program and unique MTB Vibes Jewelry company. We think you will enjoy meeting Joanna and Phil as much as we did. Kind of like riding Sedona’s 300 miles of single track, this episode is “Punchy” – 100% exciting all the time. Tune in!  Oh, and a couple tips from this episode: don’t get stuck in the “ready position” & when you ride “heavy feet, light hands”!Phil & JoannaTrail Lovers:’s Coaching:’s MTB Jewelry: @joannajyates; @phildangerousSedona Bike Rentals Trails ParksAngel Fire: Butte: Eye Gravy: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
048 - Go ride a bike! Location: Angelfire Bike Park. (Patrick West - Bike Park Manager & Tucker VanOrmer - Gravity Trail Development Manager)
Jul 10 2023
048 - Go ride a bike! Location: Angelfire Bike Park. (Patrick West - Bike Park Manager & Tucker VanOrmer - Gravity Trail Development Manager)
If you have not ridden Angelfire Bike Park in Northern New Mexico, then stop what you are doing right now and plan a trip. It’s a bucket list destination.In this episode Angelfire’s Bike Park Manager (Patrick West) and Gravity Trail Development Manager (Tucker VanOrmer) give us the inside scoop on the park’s history, operations, trail design, build process, and future plans.Angelfire is the largest Bike Park in the Rocky Mountains. It was voted Best in the Southwest by 7 years in a row.  Built on land privately owned by the resort, it features a 10,650 foot summit, 2,000+ feet of vertical, 32+ trails, and 60+ miles of purpose-built, lift-served terrain with some of the best jump lines, manicured flow, and super chunk in the United States. It’s fast, incredibly fun to ride, and caters to all riders from the greenest beginner to the most seasoned shredder.  The rental options for bikes and protective gear are vast, current, and well maintained.  The park has a solid core of bike park instructors catering to all riding levels.  The park recently opened two “bunny-hill” style trails serviced by a magic carpet named “mac&cheese” and “spicy mac” for beginner riders and kids.And that’s not all… the resort and the local area offer an astounding amount of diverse recreational activities including; epic cross country rides, white water rafting, fly fishing, golf, zip-lining, ATV-OHV adventures, horseback rides, hiking, disc golf, and more… (not to mention the winter activities of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowmobile riding…) Stop thinking about going.  Just go.Angelfire ResortBike Park Bike Park Instragram Bike Park Trail Crew Instagram Country Trails River, New Mexico (cool town, ~40 min drive from Angelfire)ATV-OHV Adventures Fishing Grande (~60 min drive from Angelfire)White Water Rafting / Tubing Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
046 - The path to suffering. T-bone’s journey qualifying & training for the ‘23 Leadville 100 MTB. (Brad “T-bone” Knox”)
Jun 27 2023
046 - The path to suffering. T-bone’s journey qualifying & training for the ‘23 Leadville 100 MTB. (Brad “T-bone” Knox”)
There are three types of people in the world…  1. those who - wonder what happened 2. those who - know what happened, but were not involved3. those who - make things happen  This week’s guest Brad “T-bone” Knox is in that third category.  Years ago, he decided to transform himself into an elite athlete, and he did it.  In this episode T-bone joins Josh & Mike to discuss his path to qualifying and training with Tenac coaching for the 2023 Leadville 100 MTB race.  The race takes place on Aug 12th, 2023 (45 days from publish of this episode.)  What’s the Leadville 100 MTB you ask? By some, it’s been referred to as the “Tour De France” of Mountain Biking.  Category: Ultra Endurance Length: 105 miles.  Starting altitude: 10,200 ft.  Lowest altitude: 9,200 ft. Total elevation gain: 11,928’.  Fastest time ever 5:58 minutes. Lance Armstrong won it in 2009. Brad’s journey is extremely interesting and this episode is full of laughter and good times.  You’ll dig it.The race: race wiki: Coaching: Rider Profile: bike: Burner Race (now defunct): of the White Mountains Race: Against the Sky Movie: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
045 - Pedaling Journeys: Exploring Elite Cycling and European Bike Tours (Marti Shea and Joe Tonon)
Jun 20 2023
045 - Pedaling Journeys: Exploring Elite Cycling and European Bike Tours (Marti Shea and Joe Tonon)
Josh and Lacey take our listeners on a journey around the world on two wheels with extraordinary guests Marti Shea (aka the Gazelle), an esteemed elite athlete, cyclist, and owner of Select Fitness, and Joe Tonon (aka Luca), owner of Destination Cycling. As Marti and Joe join forces, listeners are treated to an insightful and entertaining discussion as they dive into their experiences and insights, exploring the world of elite cycling and the realm of high touch European bicycle tours.The episode takes off with Marti's illustrious career, from her early beginnings to becoming a renowned elite athlete. They explore the challenges she faced and triumphs she celebrated, including becoming an accomplished cyclist specializing in hill climbs. Marti also discusses her experience as a personal fitness trainer for over 35 years. Her story is one of perseverance, dedication, and unwavering passion for the sport.Shifting gears to European cycling tours, Joe Tonon, seasoned cycling entrepreneur, shares his inspiration for creating a platform that combines his love for cycling with Europe's illustrious road biking scene. Since 1989 he has helped his cycling clients attain their dreams of biking and experiencing some of the most incredible parts of the world.  Joe provides a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous planning, including carefully curated routes showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Europe to luxurious accommodations and gourmet dining. Joe leaves no stone unturned in his quest to provide a truly immersive and memorable journey while exploring the world on two wheels.Embrace the allure of bicycle touring cycling on this episode of our podcast . . . “Love the bike . .  Just keep riding.” Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
044 - Go ride a bike!  Location: Mission Beach, CA. (Matt Anderson)
Jun 12 2023
044 - Go ride a bike! Location: Mission Beach, CA. (Matt Anderson)
The week is the first of a periodic and recurring new series on bike riding destinations.  We call it… Go ride a bike.  This first episode highlights Mission Beach, California, where you can park your car and use a bike to get to 100’s of great activities and venues.  Mike & Josh are joined by 10 year old Matt Anderson who offers his unfiltered perspectives on the topic.Location: 2 mile beach. North of San Diego. Built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay.  Type of RidingBeach Cruising - Amazing Views - Point A to B. No car needed for weeks on end!RidesMission Bay Bike Path (12 miles) Beach / Pacific Beach Boardwalk (3 miles) Beach to Ocean Beach - Sunset Cliffs Blvd Bridge (3.5 miles) Beach to La Jolla Beach - Boardwalk & La Jolla Blvd (4.7 miles) Beach to Old Town San Diego - (5.3 miles) Beach to Sea World (3.1 miles) Stuff - Off The Bike (but you should ride to them)Public Parks - several along the paths.  Play. BBQ.Ocean: Boogie Boarding - Surfing | Bay: Paddle Board - Kayak - Jet SkiPublic basketball court on the South end Mission Beach. Volleyball courts throughout.Bonfire rental & setup: Pier - Pacific Beach Beach Pier - Fishing - Bay Fishing - deep sea fishing.Places to EatThe Fish Shop: Port - Ocean Beach: Grill - Pacific Beach: Beach Alehouse: Mission (breakfast): Jolla & Old Town offer great food options.Places to Stay - VRBO - Air B&B Catamaran Resort - Resort - Bike ProductTru Tension Tyre Iron: Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube
043 - Design & fabricate your own frame! (Dave Bohm, Bohemian Bikes &
Jun 6 2023
043 - Design & fabricate your own frame! (Dave Bohm, Bohemian Bikes & offers 7 day (carbon) & 11 day (steel) courses in where you learn to design and actually fabricate a custom frame!  Only 2 students allowed per session.  In this episode of the MCP, we have the privilege of interviewing Dave Bohm, the founder of Bohemian Bicycles and Framebuilding Dave is an accomplished framebuilder who has won numerous awards, including People's Choice and Best Tandem at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). With his extensive experience in custom framebuilding, Dave shares his insights into the artistry and process behind building bespoke bicycle frames.The podcast explores the evolution of framebuilding techniques and materials, highlighting how advancements have influenced the industry while still valuing traditional craftsmanship. We learn about the philosophy behind Bohemian Framebuilding School and the unique approach Dave takes in teaching his students. Dave shares stories of memorable projects, challenging builds, and the satisfaction of witnessing students' creations come to life.Whether you're a cycling enthusiast, aspiring framebuilder, or simply intrigued by the fusion of art and engineering, this episode provides a captivating insight into the world of custom - Bicycles - -  - Bohm, Bohemian Bicycles, Winner Best Handmade Tandem - presents the EICMA showMountain Cog Podcast... Website InstagramYou Tube