Probably Science

Andy Wood, Matt Kirshen

Professional comedians with so-so STEM pedigrees take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring hosts Matt Kirshen, Andy Wood (and sometimes Jesse Case or Brooks Wheelan) along with a rotating cast of special guests from the worlds of comedy and science. read less

Our Editor's Take

Probably Science is a science podcast that doesn't get too serious. Hosts Matt Kirshen and Andy Wood bring on a variety of guests to discuss the latest science news. They've explored everything from Russian lunar landers to ancient Chinese toilets. If that isn't enough toilet talk, they've also discussed the surprising amount of poop on Texas beaches.

Podcast host Matt is a British stand-up comic with a degree in math from Cambridge. Andy, his American cohost, has a degree in electrical engineering. He has made little use of that degree in his comedy career. Joining this hilarious duo are sometimes cohosts Jesse Case and Brooks Wheelan. Although Jesse doesn't have a technical background, he makes up for it with his jokes. Brooks was part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. He now performs standup comedy and hosts his own podcast, Entry Level.

Most guests are comedians, but the podcast has also welcomed Nobel Prize winners. Previous visitors include astrophysicist Brian Keating. Conan writer Andrew Weinberg has also joined the hosts to discuss his series Jury Duty. Other guests include Bethany Dwyer and Auggie Smith.

No matter who the hosts have on the podcast, listeners can expect a fun conversation about science. Every episode examines a few recent science happenings. The resulting show is an unpredictable conversation filled with questionable opinions. Probably Science balances humor with tech, space, and engineering discussion. The show doesn't get too technical, but the hosts have an intellectual curiosity. They ask fascinating questions and give outrageous answers.

Anyone who loves science, laughing, or both may want to consider this podcast. The wide range of guests ensures a different listening experience in every episode. Listeners who want to know more about each subject will find articles linked in the show notes. New episodes of Probably Science premiere every week.

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