The Good Rascals

Kevin Del Principe

The Good Rascals is a podcast about outsiders who care and dare to reimagine the world. Many people feel as though they don't fit in. Some take that feeling and turn it into passion and constructive change. Artists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as all sorts of outsider people where titles don't quite suit them, are interviewed by host Kevin Del Principe about why they identify as outsiders and how they have turned that energy into changing the world for the better.

Ep 17 Rollence Patugan - Shining a Light on What Should Be Evident: People Have ValueEp 16 Aris Lanaridis - The Beautiful Music of Empathy: And the Power of PerseveranceEp 15 Katherine E. Lewis - Family and Place: Rewriting the RulesEp 14 Megan Murtha - Blue-Collar Art: Making the Process the PointEp 13 Kyndle Wylde - This is the Work: Tell Your Story to Encourage OthersEp 12 Mark Blaszak - Life Advice: When Asked to Play the Bass, Say Yes Even if You Don't Play the BassEp 11 Matt Chavanne - Hit the Snare a Little Louder: Duality, Unity, & CommunityEp 10 Rob Currin - Do Not Mess with the Library: Competition, Inspiration, & CreationEp 9 Jon Hornyak - Finding Freedom and People to Show the WayEp 8 Gerry Trentham - Body Awareness and the Benefit of Being Taken Down to ZeroEp 7 Ellen Rolfes - Adversity is a Gift: Being in It but Not of ItEp 6 Jim Thurston - Mutual Respect, Gratitude, and Being Good Not Knowing EverythingEp 5 Derek Diamond - Reciprocity, Resiliency, and RelatabilityEp 4 Keith Del Principe - Passion, Planting Seeds, and Passing the TorchEp 3 David Ngo - Living in a SliverEp 2 Jared Hernandez - Having Diverse Interests and a Little Bit of GraceEp 1 Nikki Del Principe - Holding Tensions: Santa, No Santa, and Finding Poetic Spirituality