Rev HODL- Circular Economies, Meetups and the Synergies of Bitcoin in Permaculture

The Weekly HODL with Shibs

Dec 24 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Rev is an absolute stud in the Bitcoin space and is integrating the protocol into is life in so many cool ways. From running his homestead on a bitcoin standard to implementing bitcoin space heaters to grow vegetation all the way to integrating bitcoin into drying his laundry! This discussion about Bitcoin, circular economies and the principles of permaculture is really one that should not be missed. This protocol is changing the world for the better from the ground up and Rev is at the forefront doing his part! Follow Rev on twitter- @HODLrev Follow Rev on Nostr- Rev.hodl or by searching permaculture. Follow us on twitter- @WeeklyHodl WEEKLY HODL PODCAST NOW LIVE! Available on Fountain, Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music. #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Finance Easiest way to buy, learn and dollar cost average into Bitcoin Get 15% off using promo code " weeklyhodl15" This channel and its content is for entertainment only and expresses only opinions. This is not financial advice. Do your own research! Learn to custody your bitcoin and eliminate 3rd party risk.