Panties for Bitcoin- Flo Montoya on building a company and brand on the BITCOIN STANDARD!!

The Weekly HODL with Shibs

Jan 28 2024 • 42 mins

Flo Montoya is the creative mind behind the artwork of Ungovernable and the PR "Pleb Representative" for everyone's favorite bitcoin intimate ware company, Panties for Bitcoin. Flo does a great job describing Pablo's journey from Argentina to Canada and building on the soundest money known to man. She even gives some insights into building a successful brand in such a currently niche subculture and shares some tips in what it takes to get Bitcoiners to part from their precious sats. I hope you enjoy the interview and please leave a comment on your thoughts. You can follow Flo on X at @flomontoya_ and Panties for Bitcoin at @PantiesBitcoin Use "TWH" for 15% off The Panties for Bitcoin store Follow us on X- @WeeklyHodl WEEKLY HODL PODCAST NOW LIVE! Available on Fountain, Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music. #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Finance Easiest way to buy, learn and dollar cost average into Bitcoin Get 15% off using prom0 code " weeklyhodl15" This channel and its content is for entertainment only and expresses only opinions. This is not financial advice. Do your own research! Learn to custody your bitcoin and eliminate 3rd party risk.