Bitcoin Weekly Update- GBTC Sell Off, Approaching BTC ATH, ETFs Exceeds Analyst Expectations

The Weekly HODL with Shibs

Mar 3 2024 • 9 mins

Bitcoin is is about to break last cycle all time high in a fashion it has never done before. Price action is wild even as Genesis is liquidating assets. Is the infrastructure even ready for what is to come with millions of new interested buyers along with big institutional money? Who know, but tune in to this week's update to see what is going on in Bitcoin at a global level. Follow us on twitter- @WeeklyHodl WEEKLY HODL PODCAST NOW LIVE! Available on Fountain, Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music. #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Finance Easiest way to buy, learn and dollar cost average into Bitcoin Get 15% off using prom0 code " weeklyhodl15" This channel and its content is for entertainment only and expresses only opinions. This is not financial advice. Do your own research! Learn to custody your bitcoin and eliminate 3rd party risk.