Nutrition, Toxins, and Toddler Milk with Serenity Kids!

Raising Amazing

Nov 10 2021 • 43 mins

You are what you eat. Plain and simple. We know this to be true as adults-- so why are so many kid food products on the market filled with toxins and chemicals and fake sugars and fats? We need good humans, business owners, and parents to step up and help make changes to what our babies and toddlers are eating; and Joe and Serenity of Serenity Kids of have done just this! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with this power couple about their journey in creating their incredible baby and toddler foods, as well as their new toddler milk formula! They are truly raising the bar on what's on the shelves in our grocery stores - and we are grateful to them for giving us all truly healthier options for our amazing little ones!

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