Cyber attacks on water utilities: why and how to mitigate the risks with Sunil Sharma

Future Water

Jul 19 2020 • 33 mins

Cyber attacks are a clear and present threat to both organisations and individuals the world over and, alarmingly, they are no longer just about stealing your bank details.

As a recent attack on an Israeli water treatment plant has shown, the motivations behind them are becoming increasingly political and that poses a significant issue for water infrastructure.

We talked with Cyber Security expert, GHD about the impact cyber threats could have on water and what utilities can do to safeguard their data and operational technology. Sunil Sharma has 25+ years of experience in Digital Risk and Security, and ICT.

Formerly, he led Digital Risk and Cyber Security practices at PwC and Accenture. He has led several Digital Risk advisory and consulting engagements across Energy, Resources, Financial, Retail, and Entertainment industries. And is currently GHD’s lead consultant, assisting organisations in setting up comprehensive digital risk strategies and executing successful rollout of risk controls.

Sunil is passionate about cyber security, especially in the water industry where there’s more take up of operational technology, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

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