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Welcome to the Stellar Teacher Podcast! We believe teaching literacy is a skill. It takes a lot of time, practice, and effort to be good at it. This podcast will show you how to level up your literacy instruction and make a massive impact with your students, all while having a little fun! Your host, Sara Marye, is a literacy specialist passionate about helping elementary teachers around the world pass on their love of reading to their students. She has over a decade of experience working as a classroom teacher and school administrator. Sara has made it her mission to create high quality no-fluff resources and lesson ideas that are both meaningful and engaging for young readers. Each week, Sara and her guests will share their knowledge, tips, and tricks so that you can feel confident in your ability to transform your students into life-long readers. For printable and digital resources, head to stellarteacher.com. Connect with Sara on Instagram @thestellarteachercompany
53. Incorporating Movement Into Your Literacy Block52. 3 Strategies to Help Your Students Summarize Nonfiction51. Fostering a Life-Long Love of Writing in Your Students with Megan Polk
Nov 8 2021
28 mins
Inspired Action: My Favorite Way to Bring Texts to Life [BONUS EPISODE]50. 3 Power Questions That Will Have a BIG Impact on Your Students' Reading
EPISODE 50 How did we get to episode 50 already?! I just want to say thank you so much to my listener’s that have listened to all my episodes, half my episodes, or even if this is your first! To celebrate this milestone I put a lot of thought into today’s topic in order to make it special, and after a lot of brainstorming I kept coming back to the idea of power questioning. Let’s be honest, if students aren’t interested in the text they aren’t going to participate in a discussion. If we take a step back and reflect on what we’re prompting our students with after they read, you’ll probably notice that all the questions are directly related to the text. “Who is the main character?” and “Where does the story take place?” are not the types of questions I am going to be sharing with you today, but I promise that you will not be disappointed with your student’s responses! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of five $50 TpT gift cards! To enter, simply share your favorite Stellar Teacher Podcast episodes somewhere on Instagram! It can be on your stories or your feed and tag us @stellarteachercompany! The giveaway ends Friday, November 5th. In this episode I share: -Why it’s important to ask your students power questions -3 power questions that will have a big impact on students' reading -How power questions can help you assess your students' understanding -Ways to avoid getting “I don’t know” as an answer SHOW NOTES: stellarteacher.com/episode50 Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Nov 1 2021
23 mins
49. Nonfiction Text Structure: The Ultimate Road Map For Reading48.  4 Strategies for Teaching Theme That Every Teacher Needs to Hear
Oct 18 2021
19 mins
47. Identifying the Main Idea of a Nonfiction Text: 7 Strategies That Work!
EPISODE 47 Today’s episode is the second of this month’s Reading Comprehension Skill Series and will be focused on main idea. More specifically, finding the main idea in nonfiction texts. I remember when I used to teach my students by using an elaborate lesson and telling them they needed to do the same. What I realized was that after all the time I spent, I wasn’t showing my students how to find the main idea themselves. Instead of showing them what I had done, I realized I should have provided them with the strategies to do it themselves. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of this! That’s why I’m walking you through the roadmap to use in order to teach your students strategies to find the main idea. Once you have these tools, your students will be able to find the main idea on their own. As the Reading Comprehension Skill Series continues, please head over to my page and let me know if you’re enjoying these mini-series as much as I am! In this episode I share: -The difference between comprehension skills and strategies -Mistakes I made while teaching main idea and what I learned -7 Strategies to teach students how to find the main idea -Why it’s important to teach multiple strategies Resources mentioned: -Join the Stellar Teacher Reading Membership -Main Idea Nonfiction Task Cards -Main Idea Nonfiction Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions -Nonfiction Main Idea Differentiated Reading Passages -Nonfiction Main Idea Reading Response Activities and Worksheets -SHOW NOTES: stellarteacher.com/episode47 Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Oct 11 2021
22 mins
46. The Dos and Don'ts of Teaching Students How to Make Inferences45. The 4 Types of Mini-Lessons You Should be Teaching
Sep 27 2021
18 mins
44. 5 Steps to Planning an Effective Mini-Lesson43. What is a Mini-Lesson?42. Pernille Ripp on Engaging and Empowering Students With the Global Read Aloud
EPISODE 42 Most teachers that I know fantasized about being teachers from a very young age. I’m sure I’m not the only one who envisioned what my future classroom would look like or the successes my students would have due to my hard work and attention. My guest on today’s episode, Pernille Ripp, was disappointed to find that the current education system made it difficult for her to fulfill her dreams and provide students with authentic reading experiences. Instead of being complacent, Pernille decided to focus on two important areas of teaching: engagement and empowerment. What started as a blog ended up having an impact not only in her classroom but around the world. Her program started as an idea to increase engagement in reading but it has transformed into something much more, teaching skills such as empathy. The empowerment of Global Read Aloud fosters connectivity amongst people, which has never been more important than it is today. Pernille Ripp is a seventh grade teacher in Wisconsin and the creator of the Global Read Aloud (www.theglobalreadaloud.com), a literacy initiative that has connected more than 2,000,000 students since 2010 through the use of technology. She speaks internationally and writes regularly on her blog (www.pernillesripp.com). She is also author of several books including Passionate Readers - The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child and Passionate Learners: Giving Our Classrooms Back to Our Students   In this episode we discuss: -The background behind Pernille Ripp’s journey as an educator -How to give students more authentic reading experiences -What Global Read Aloud is and why it was started -The impact Global Read Aloud has on student’s perspective outside the classroom   Resources Mentioned: -The Global Read Aloud -The Global Read Aloud Facebook Group -Passionate Readers Book Facebook Group -Pernille’s Website   For more resources, head to the show notes: stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode42   Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Sep 6 2021
35 mins
41. The 5 Types of Context Clues to Teach Your Students
Aug 30 2021
25 mins
40. 10 Fast and Furious Tips to Tackle Vocabulary Instruction
EPISODE 40 I can’t believe this is the podcast’s 40th episode! I always love to celebrate the podcast milestones so I want to say thank you to all my listeners for tuning in each week! To supplement last week's episode on word walls, I’m going to continue the conversation on vocabulary. More specifically, I will be sharing ten tips for teaching vocabulary in upper elementary.   It is so important to focus on vocabulary in the upper grades as student’s reading skills continue to develop. What I have found, though, is that providing students with a vocabulary list each week is not the most effective way to teach new words. These tips I provide you will result in your students learning and most importantly using the new vocabulary words you’ve exposed them to.   In this episode I share: -Reasons to say goodbye to weekly vocabulary quizzes -10 tips for teaching vocabulary in upper elementary -Ways you can use genres to increase vocabulary -3 goals to focus on when teaching vocabulary -How to assess student growth without using tests   Resources Mentioned: -Vocabulary Routines and Activities Bundle -Greek and Latin Roots Bundle -Reading Word Wall Bundle -Prefixes and Suffixes Posters, Word Wall, and Activities Bundle -Freebie Greek and Latin Roots Student Reference Sheets -SHOW NOTES: stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode40.    Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Aug 23 2021
22 mins
39. Why All Upper Elementary Classrooms Should Have Word Walls
EPISODE 39 I can’t believe it’s already half-way through August and I'm sure some of you are already back at school getting your classrooms ready or even meeting your students. My teacher brain always considers August as the start of a “new year,” am I the only one that thinks this way? I love the way a new year welcomes new routines and a clean slate and this year I am going to convince you upper elementary teachers to try something new.   You may be surprised to hear this but I want you upper elementary teachers to display a word wall. You may wonder why fourth graders need reminders on how to spell, but that’s actually not the purpose. There are so many advantages to exposing students to new vocabulary words on a daily basis so that they can solidify the meaning of these words and use them during discussions. Once you listen to all the benefits, you’ll have to let me know if you give it a try!   In this episode I share: -The different purposes of a word wall -Benefits of using word walls in upper elementary -Intentional ways to display word walls in your classroom -3 necessary components for each vocabulary word -What you can do to help your students utilize the word wall independently   Resources Mentioned: -Reading Word Wall Bundle -Science Poster and Word Wall Bundle -SHOW NOTES: stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode39.    Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Aug 16 2021
21 mins
38. Your 3 Week Plan For Launching Reading Workshop
Aug 9 2021
45 mins
37. Must Have Resources for Every Upper Elementary Reading Classroom
EPISODE 37 It’s back to school time! This time of year always makes me so excited. As fun as it is, I totally know how many tasks are on your to-do list as you plan and prepare for your new group of students. Over the years, one thing I have found to be super helpful is having a solid list of go-to resources that can used over and over again in your reading block.   Today I’m telling you all about my top five favorite resources that should be in every upper elementary reading classroom. These resources will play a crucial role in helping you to create a highly effective AND engaging reading block. What makes them so great? They work in ALL parts of your reading block - during independent practice, small group, assessments, and even homework!   The best part is that by getting your students familiar with the same type of resource, it will become easier for them to truly use them as a valuable tool to practice important skills. This is the solution you need to eliminate the number of resources that you have to go searching for online time and time again.   In this episode I share: -5 must-have resources for every upper elementary reading teacher -4 things to consider when selecting effective resources -Why you need to look for reading response resources that are open ended -How giving your students multiple opportunities to practice skills will help to grow your confidence as a teacher   Resources Mentioned: -Premade Anchor Charts -Strategy Cards -Digital Graphic Organizers -Graphic Organizer Sticky Notes -Graphic Organizers for Genre -Question Stems -Task Cards - Growing Bundle -Come join us in my NEW Facebook group, Upper Elementary Reading Teachers -SHOW NOTES: stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode37.    Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Aug 2 2021
29 mins
36. 4 Classroom Management Mistakes New Teachers Make (And How to Prevent Them) with Dr. Lori Friesen
EPISODE 36 I am thrilled for you to listen to today’s episode because it’s geared towards first year teachers, but also a great reminder for veterans. You’ll be hearing from my guest speaker, Dr. Lori Friesen, who has made it her life’s work to support new teachers. I love her mission because I could totally relate to that feeling of knowing my college education was spectacular and yet when I walked into the classroom those first few years, I could have used her help!   Lori really touches upon all the different parts of teaching that may not be addressed during college. One point I wanted to focus on was classroom management. No matter how great your supervisor was during your student teaching, it’s a whole new situation when you are given your roster and students arrive on that first day of school. Once you listen to these tips you’ll definitely feel more prepared for the kids that walk through your door!   In this episode we discuss: -Reasons why teachers feel unprepared during those first few years of teaching -4 common mistakes new (and veteran) teachers make when it comes to classroom management -Tips for creating classroom systems that work -How to keep classroom management fun   Download the FREE Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist: https://www.drlorifriesen.com/ultimate-classroom-management-checklist   Connect with Dr. Lori: -Beginning Teacher Talk Facebook Group -Instagram: @beginningteachertalk -Drlorifriesen.com -Beginning Teacher Talk Podcast    More Resources: -Come join us in my NEW Facebook group, Upper Elementary Reading Teachers -For full show notes and more resources, head to stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode36.    Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Jul 26 2021
25 mins
35. Create a Student Centered Reading Block In 3 Steps
EPISODE 35 If you missed my free workshop on 3 proven steps to get your students to love reading and master the standards, this episode is created especially for you! In this episode, I’m going to go over some of the key points I covered in that training. You’ll hear my most favorite ways to create a reading block that is centered on your students, with an emphasis on independent reading time!   As you are getting ready to go back to school, I want you to take some time to consider what you are going to do to help increase the student involvement in your reading block. If you closed your eyes and envisioned your reading block going as smoothly as possible, what does that look like for you? Does it involve the majority of your block being independent reading time? I believe this is the key to giving our students the time they need to practice and master the skills we teach during our mini-lessons! Tune in to hear how you can work your student’s up to reading independently for 40-45 minutes per day. Yes, it’s possible!   The doors to The Stellar Teacher Membership close TONIGHT, July 19, 2021! Head to stellarteacher.com/joinnow to sign up!   In this episode I share: -3 things to consider when creating a student-centered reading block -Habits and behaviors that students need to have in order to work independently -Letting ourselves experience failure with our instruction  and using it as a chance to grow -Repetition and practice is the key to mastery   Resources: -Come join us in my NEW Facebook group, Upper Elementary Reading Teachers -For full show notes and more resources, head to stellarteacher.com/podcast/episode35.    Connect with me: -Join my newsletter -My TPT store -stellarteachercompany.com -Instagram: @thestellarteachercompany -Facebook: The Stellar Teacher Company
Jul 19 2021
28 mins