Ep. 39: LeBron Returns, Steve Kerr Preaches Fundamentals, 50-Point Losses, and Hoping for a Boston Falling

Do You Even Watch Basketball?

May 3 2021 • 54 mins

This week, Los and Elise discuss: The NBA’s referee shortage (03:25)  Becky Hammon’s head coaching opportunity (04:57) The Kings and Thunder each lose by 50 (06:00) Jayson Tatum scores 60 (07:18) Steve Kerr’s comments about the lack of fundamentals in today’s NBA (09:21) The new most hated team in the NBA…according to Twitter (14:11)  Battle for LA: Apr 26-May 1 (17:07) Clippers (17:59) Lakers (30:29)  Game of the Week: Elise (41:17) Los (49:14)  Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe, leave a review, and share this podcast with basketball fans everywhere. For past episodes and show notes please check out: https://my.captivate.fm/DoYouEvenWatchBasketball.com (DoYouEvenWatchBasketball.com ) Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doyouevenwatchbasketball/ (@doyouevenwatchbasketball) Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/doyouwatchbball (@DoYouWatchBball) Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/doyouevenwatchbasketball (https://www.facebook.com/doyouevenwatchbasketball)