Rob Catalano, CEO of WorkTango: Employee Engagement for the New World of Work


Feb 1 2024 • 44 mins

Old friend of future foHRward and Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango, Rob Catalano is one of the top thought leaders on employee engagement. In this episode with co-host Naomi Titleman, he shares his journey getting into the area of engagement and his passion of improving lives at work.

Rob talks about how the best companies are increasingly measuring the whole employee experience and their employee’s relationship with work through a set of diagnostic questions.

Naomi and Rob reflect on the shift from HR owning and controlling the process of measurement and “protecting” leaders from receiving the feedback that they need to improve, to providing leaders with access to the information so they can action it.

They also talk about the power of democratizing rewards and recognition to all people to drive culture change.

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