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#001 - How To Get Real Estate Listings with April Hunter
Jul 17 2023
#001 - How To Get Real Estate Listings with April Hunter
☕ Welcome to the highly-anticipated debut episode of "Today's Brew"! In this exciting installment, we're delving into the essential topic of securing real estate listings, no matter where you are in your agent journey. At "Today's Brew," our mission is to provide you with practical tips and proven strategies that can truly elevate your skills and propel you towards success as a real estate professional. Join us as we sit down with April Hunter, a top-performing agent from Atlanta, GA, who has taken dedication and commitment to extraordinary levels. April's journey is an inspiring one, as she went from earning a mere $5,000 in her first year to becoming a six-figure agent within a remarkable five years. Her secret sauce? Mastering the art of prospecting expired listing leads with the invaluable support of the Espresso Agent platform. But the real magic happens when you tune in! April generously shares her insights, revealing that she spends an average of 2-3 hours a day utilizing the Espresso Agent platform and consistently secures an impressive 2-4 appointments daily. That's the kind of success that comes from a combination of hard work and smart strategies. During our conversation, April opens up about her early days when she was unfamiliar with terms like expired listings and withdrawn listings. However, once she acquired the knowledge and skills, her career took off. She shares how discovering her niche, staying consistent, and leveraging the Espresso Agent platform since 2017 played pivotal roles in her achievements. In a recent episode of "Today's Brew," April shares a unique and effective approach to practicing scripts: she hangs plastic-covered scripts in her shower. This unconventional method ensures that her scripts are always in sight, becoming second nature over time. April's advice for new agents is refreshingly straightforward: embrace consistency. Take the time to learn your scripts thoroughly and practice them diligently. Only when you feel confident should you engage in phone calls. And if you're aiming for impressive results, incorporating a dialer into your workflow can make a significant difference. Join host Noel as he uncovers more of April's invaluable insights in this week's episode of "Today's Brew." Get ready to be inspired and gain practical wisdom that you can implement in your own real estate journey. Brew a fresh cup of motivation, sit back, and immerse yourself in the enriching conversation of "Today's Brew." Subscribe now to unlock April's secrets to success and embark on a path that leads to greater accomplishments in the real estate industry.