Olga Mack On Building a Legacy

Journeys to Equity

Feb 3 2022 • 50 mins

Change Starts with Your Mindset

This episode highlights the career journey of Olga Mack, CEO at Parley Pro. Olga progressed from a traditional practice as an intellectual property lawyer to becoming CEO by always embracing new skills and focusing on ways to make an impact in her chosen profession. Part of this includes her advocacy on behalf of women in the workplace. In fact, Olga was instrumental in passing a state law in California, that requires publicly traded companies to have at least one woman and one representative from a diverse group on its board. Listen as Olga shares her story, including the challenges she faced as an immigrant coming to the US, determined to make her mark. discusses how she embraced her uniqueness after immigrating to the U.S. while being intentional about her goals and creating an operational plan on how to achieve them.

Tune in for perspectives on:
• Understanding what motivates you to propel your career
• Assessing your skill set & determining operational plan to achieve your goals
• Being intentional and embracing change