Rishi Varma On Assimilation and Authenticity

Journeys to Equity

Jan 4 2022 • 52 mins

Recognizing Individuality and Honoring Your Authentic Self

In this episode, Rishi Varma, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, discusses his professional journey as a first generation Indian-American. Rishi shares the invaluable lessons he learned along the way and how it helped to advance his career. These include developing and maintaining strong relationships with the right mentors and honoring his authentic self.

Rishi's stories reveal the same struggles many people of color have with balancing their professional and personal lives while still celebrating cultural differences. He also stresses the importance of looking at the diversity landscape within your organization, and if you don’t feel good about the representation, then advocate for change. He offers insights on recruitment and retention of diverse candidates and focusing on potential rather than solely on performance.

Tune in for perspectives on:
•Fostering intentionality through DEI initiatives
•Actively and intentionally engaging with staff to help promote POC in the workforce
•Demonstrating value in the talent you develop