Wanna Go Dancin’ | Peak Hour Party Mix

Party Favorz

May 9 2020 • 0 seconds

Party Favorz is dropping a surprise peak hour party mix that shakes up our normal release schedule. "Wanna Go Dancin'" is packed to the hilt with slamming new Tech House tracks, a smattering of Bass House, and a healthy serving of deeper House Music tracks that ride the happy train. CLASSICS REWORKED Kicking things off are two well-known 90's classics reworked for today's dance floor. King Joshua's "Professional Widow" is a new version that evokes the original Tori Amos/Armand Van Helden collaboration with new vocals, while The Cube Guys stay true to the original version of the monster track "Plastic Dreams" and adding their own modern-day flavor to this classic. Kevin McKay & Moreno Pezzolato have been dropping massive floor bombs lately and their rework of the 49er's House music classic "Touch Me" hits it dead on. Kevin's "Such A Good Feeling" is reminiscent of another classic but I can't quite put my finger on it as of this writing. There are so many updated or sampled classics in this set it's mind-boggling how they translate so well into today's music scene. Jake Would's "Pump It" delivers a housed up version of "Pump Up the Jam," while Brothers of Funk deliver an alternate Breaks version of the same song using a different sample called "Make My Day." Michael Gray take's on the disco classic "Push (In the Bush" by Musique, and JL & Afterman take on the unexpected "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash and deliver a massive floor-filler that would get anyone bouncing. Someone's been digging into mom and dad's record collection. DO IT IN A DISCO Perhaps the two biggest surprises are the Carlos and Vicente Fas remake of the 1980 disco classic "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. This is song is no stranger to being reworked but once again, taking a silly disco song and turning it into a floor favorite for a new generation is no easy task. It's no wonder it sat atop the DJs top downloaded list for several weeks. This leads me to one other dance classic from 1979. Ian Ossia takes on the "M" New Wave dance classic "Pop Muzik" titled "Living In a Disco" and does wonders with the song. While he kept the original 120 bpm of the original, I sped it up to give it an easier flow. I've never heard anyone attempt to sample or rework this song so for me this is a big deal. Sadly, none of the other DJs felt the same way I did about this remix so I'll let y'all decide. Absent of new material, Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On" gets another House music rework by Nader Razdar, which is always a guaranteed hit no matter how many spins you put on this Hip Hop classic. HOT ORIGINAL TRACKS You might think this set is all about classic reworks but it's not. ATFC gets straight to the heart of this set with "Tech House Kinda Thing," and Joshwa delivers the floor-stomper "Magic" Brokenears is on fire with "Keep Control" (not to be confused with the recently reworked Sono classic) and Teejay Walton with the help of Mr. V bring it home with "After Midnight." Camelphat, which has been on a roll since their massive 2017 hit "Cola," are riding high with another sleeper hit "For A Feeling." They seem to gravitate towards these Indie tracks and rework them into these really deep somber grooves. For me, I call these suicide songs because as good as they are — they tend to really drag me down into a state of depression. I'm not knocking their formula because obviously it works but it's not what the world needs at this very moment. Fortunately, I dropped that track towards the end and sandwiched it between the two uplifting tracks "Sundown" by Biscuits and the breaks track "Just Hold On" by Sub Focus & Wilkinson because I want to leave listeners with a sense of hope — not despair. To their credit, Camelphat also has the floor-friendly "Freak" out which has a more upbeat vibe that's included here as well. The production team to keep an eye on are Earth N Days out of Hungary. These guys are sitting on one of the biggest sleeper hi...