Glamour and Disney with Beauty Queen Shannon Ford

Platinum Perspective

Sep 19 2023 • 1 hr 30 mins

In this episode of Platinum Perspective, hosts Megan and Sarah welcome Shannon Ford, an accomplished pageant queen and a Disney travel expert. Shannon's impressive pageant journey includes winning prestigious titles like Miss Florida USA 2002, Mrs. United States 2011, Mrs. Florida America 2019, and Mrs. Universe 2021. Beyond her pageantry accolades, Shannon is a passionate traveler, particularly well-versed in all things Disney. Megan shares her personal connection with Shannon's channels, explaining how they served as a source of inspiration and comfort during the pandemic and even led her to join the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).

The episode delves into Shannon's extensive background, from her early involvement in pageants to her transition into the beauty and travel industry. Shannon shares her experiences and the journey that led her to create engaging and informative content on her YouTube channels, including @ShannonFord,, @Shannonlovesmakeup, and her DVC Newscast. They discuss her favorite makeup brands, beauty tips, and even the recent release of the Hourglass Ambient Light Animal Palettes, highlighting their unique philanthropic aspect.

The conversation seamlessly transitions into Shannon's Disney expertise, where she shares her adventures and insights, particularly her travel experiences on her channel, @shannonford. They explore various aspects of Disney and Universal Studios, providing valuable tips for enhancing trips. Additionally, Shannon shares her perspective on Disney makeup collaborations and offers advice on building a successful career based on one's passions, emphasizing that it's never too late to start pursuing your dreams. This episode inspires listeners to embrace their passions and explore the world of beauty, travel, and Disney with enthusiasm and expertise.

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