Unbreakable Spirit: Practical Strategies for Staying Motivated in Business Against ALL Odds

Amplify with Purpose: Business & Life Unlocked

Sep 12 2023 β€’ 17 mins

Amplify Your Business to Amplify Your Life: Unbreakable Spirit - Practical Strategies for Staying Motivated in Business Against All Odds

Manage emotions

Make a Decision

Self Awareness


Get Some Sunshine

Tune in to Amplify Your Business to Amplify Your Life and allow the wisdom of this episode to guide you in crafting your own unbreakable spirit in business.

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✨ [About Odette de Beer]

Odette de Beer is the Author of "How to Build a profitable business on Autopilot: without excessive spending on Marketing" & "From Heart to the Bottom Line: Master Alignment for Business Success" and the Managing Director and co-founder of Amplify Business Coaching and Consulting.

Odette is the founder of The Business With Altitude Summit, a global initiative dedicated to equipping SMEs with tools, strategies and mindsets to take their business to the next level.

With a background in customer experience and business optimisation and a degree in business management, her career expands over several industries, including banking, insurance, speaking, and hospitality.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Business Management and a Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Odette works as an Outsourced Chief Experience Officer (CEO), Social Media Content Creator for professionals, Customer Experience Consultant, and Business Coach. She also owns a business coaching company.

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