What is 5tracks? A live-act of independent & electronic music produced by Swiss artist SickSpud. Every month, our favourite deejay mixes 5 of its new songs and hope to make you move! read less


5tracks #000 – Techno with SickSpud (CH)
Jan 25 2021
5tracks #000 – Techno with SickSpud (CH)
Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast presented by @0diolab and gathering artists of the electronic scene willing to spread their sound! Each month, five tracks of groovy music produced by independent creators and mixed by @SickSpud. SickSpud is playing as a deejee - as he usually does for UZIC webradio - and as an artist of the Swiss electronic music scene. He actually diggs his inspiration in his techno-progressive roots. His appetite for groove definitely helped him to make the link between heavier techno and smoother minimal or tech house. #Call4Artists ! Are you an independent artist willing to showcase your track(s) ? Then head to the home page of our partner-radio UZIC, where you will be able to submit your own tracks for review. Be ready for a broadcast in one of the upcoming episodes of 5tracks: uzic.ch/submit/ In the meantime, find below the description of the five tracks created by SickSpud. And stay tuned: You will find @SickSpud on various platforms such as Soundcloud, Twitter or Facebook. AIE AIE AIE AIE (00:37 - 08:22) A shaking techno-progressive: it actually sounds like the most elaborate track of the whole show! MINIMAL TREK (08:22 - 11:27) Dry basses at the beginning, though there are a few great ideas in this groovy track. MESSAGE FOR THE UNIVERSE (11:27 - 17:48) A smoother start, rather sustained though. The intro might sound a little too long, you should however find yourself accelerating after minute 3. VIDCO 91 (17:48 - 24:35) After an interesting intro you will listen to a more classical track. The break around the 3rd minute sounds nice! GALACTIC VIRUS (24:35 - 35:56) Be patient: to us, this track really starts at 1.30 with its motivating rhythm! BONUS (35:56 to the end) ! Photo by Francesco Paggiaro: www.pexels.com/@paggiarofrancesco