Promoter 101 # 228 - Donald Passman & Paladin Artists


May 26 2022 • 1 hr 36 mins

Now on The Pop Up Reunion Spectacular Surprise Promoter 101 Podcast we feature the legendary Author of "All You Need to Know About the Music Business" and Music Attorney Donald S. Passman Paladins Artists founders Steve Martin, Andy Somers and Wayne Forte walk us through the first year of the agency and it's future Plus a discussion on the state of the industry with the Brooklyn Bowl's Kirk Peterson Three Questions with Superfly's Ben Pitkowsky An special appearances from: BSE's Laurie Jacoby, AGI's Nick Storch, Ineffable's Thomas Cussins, Reliant Talent's Heath Baumhor & Frank Wing, FPC's Scott Leslie, Billboard's Dave Brooks, First Avenue's Nate Kranz, AC's Ted Heinig, Nederlander's Jamie Loeb, Vector's Brian Penix, TM's Pattianne Tarlton, AEG's Jason Bernstein, DSP's Dan Smalls, Jim Runge, Goldenvoice's Elliott Lefko, Works Entertainment's David Britz, Historic Theatre Group's Rick Hansen, Rocks Off's Jake Szufnarowski, LN's Michael Belkin, ICM Andrea Johnson, Warped Tours' Kevin Lyman, Tobin Centers' Aaron Zimmerman, The Pabst Theatre Groups Gary Witt and Matt Beringer, and RCA's Nick Light Hosted By: Emporium Presents' Dan Steinberg + Works Entertainments' Luke Pierce Direct Link: Email Dan + Luke: Spotify:‬ Tweet the Guys: Tweet Dan: Tweet Luke: Follow us on iHeartRadio: Follow us on Instagram: Facebook: Soundcloud: Website: itunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Tumbler: Spreaker: YouTube: LinkedIn‬: Edited by Connor Merritt -