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Wellness Wednesday: The Skinny on Fat
Jun 15 2022
Wellness Wednesday: The Skinny on Fat
The Show Notes - as promised and with all the research studies mentioned in the podcast:Sarcopenia = the deterioration of muscle tissue due to age - after you hit 30, the rate increases 3-8% every 10yrs5:00 - Insulin Resistance causes muscle wasting  9:30 - Goal = 1 gram of protein for each pound of ideal body weight10:20 - does fat make you fat?12:20 - does move more, eat less actually work?13:30 - What the Average American Ate in 1939 - a review of the US Census from 193914:10 - American Resting Metabolic Rates have fallen in the past 100 yrs -in Men -in Women 14:40 - Average American woman has gone from a clothing size 14 to a size 16-18 in the past 5 years16:00 - Omega 6/Linoleic Acid causes fat cells to grow17:40 - Omega 6s cause us to be hungrier and get fatter 18:00 - Saturated Fat protects you from strokes & doesn't increase risk of heart attacks21:00 - other foods that contain Omega 621:25 - 1960-2008 amounts of linoleic acid in our fat22:40 - oxidized fats cause inflammation23:30 - 9 calories per 1 gram of fat, 4 calories per 1 gram of protein (some bodybuilders count protein of zero)24:20 - Go for whole foods - dodge processed stuff especially with lots of ingredients26:00 - change in American Protein Consumption & amounts of Omega 6 in chicken and pork28:00 - high intensity exercise can spike your blood sugar (but in a good way)39:00 - A1c and Testosterone discussion32:15 - Get your Fasting insulin checked - Goal = under 5Click here for a simple overview on Seed Oils with all the scienceWanna connect?  Call: 615-257-9905 and leave a voicemail or email