EP 13: The Finale!

Busy Blokes Podcast

Oct 12 2022 • 53 mins

Batto kicks off the last episode (of season 1…) with his final weigh-in of this 13-week process, and details his “Top 5 Tips” and “Top 5 Feels” for these last 3-months. We then answer 9 listener questions ranging from intermittent fasting to our opinion of Shrek vs Shrek 2, then Christian smacks you in the chops with his final golden nugget of wisdom!

  • Introduction: Batto updates us on his Good, Better, Best goal progress and his plans for the future (0:00-6:05)
  • "Batto’s Top 5 Feels": Batto details the best things about this journey that he’s experienced and noticed within himself (6:05-15:26)
  • “Batto’s Top 5 Tips”: Batto jumps into his top 5 tips for anyone else out there who’s thinking about, starting, or in the midst of their own journey (15:26-23:19)
  • Q1: "Jake, have you noticed any difference in how much you crave your ‘trigger foods’ now?” (23:19-26:55)
  • Q2: "Christian, has it been hard coaching a friend?” (26:55-31:18)
  • Q3: "What’s something you’ve both gained from the podcast that you weren’t expecting?” (31:18-34:51)
  • Q4: "Is intermittent fasting to reduce calorie intake bad? I know you don’t love it Christian, but I find the short period of being hungry much easier than constantly watching what I eat to reduce my calories. Any down sides?” (34:51-38:39)
  • Q5: "Is intermittent fasting in the morning better than eating a big breaky, then less later on?” (38:39-40:13)
  • Q6: "Which Shrek is the best Shrek (and why is it Shrek 2)?” (40:13-42:03)
  • Q7: "What’s your favourite tattoo and does your mum like any of them yet?” (42:03-44:39)
  • Q8: "Someone who is struggling with themselves, whether it be diet, not going to the gym, or mental struggle, what would be the FIRST thing you’d do to help yourself?” (44:39-49:04)
  • Q9: "Will there be a season 2 of Busy Blokes?” (49:04-51:13)
  • "Final Sign Off & Golden Nugget": Christian drops his final golden nugget (51:13-53:46)

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