EP 6: How to Boost Your Sleep Quality (Part 1 of 2)

Busy Blokes Podcast

Aug 24 2022 • 44 mins

Batto struggles this last week, yet sees another dip on the scale due to controlling some of his healthy habits (and he’s even still drinking beers and eating burgers!). We then discuss the VITAL importance of getting high quality sleep, and exactly how you can hack your sleep environment as well as your sleep “timing” to boost your sleep to the next level.

  • Introduction: Batto’s work schedule causes him to suffer a little, but the health hacks that he’s been putting in place have been working their magic (0:00-4:30)
  • "Nitty Gritty": “Sleep is the most IDIOTIC aspect of our evolution”, what Game of Thrones has to do with sleep (SPOILER ALERT), the importance of getting high quality sleep (4:30-14:58)
  • "Down to Business": The online quiz that determines your sleep “chronotype”, 6 simple ways to set up your perfect sleep environment (14:58-38:36)
  • "Q&A, Golden Nugget": Christian answers a listener question about what to do if you have a late night out, then lulls Jake into a nice, deep sleep with a sedating nugget of wisdom (38:36-44:03)

Click here to take “The Power of When Quiz”

By no means necessary, but here are links to some of the resources discussed for those people who want to take their sleep quality a little further: Manta Sleep Mask, Chilipad, Oura Ring, Swanwick Sleep Glasses, Felix Gray Glasses, UVEX Blue Light Blocker Glasses

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