EP 9: How to Manage Stress like a Boss (Part 1 of 2)

Busy Blokes Podcast

Sep 14 2022 • 47 mins

Batto’s clever tricks during social situations over the weekend work wonders! We then dive feet first into the dire importance of managing our stress on a DAILY basis and how you can do so with 6 lesser-talked-about stress-management techniques.

  • Introduction: Batto tells the listeners about two tricks he employed over the weekend that helped him see results on the scale and a boost in energy (0:00-7:26)
  • "Nitty Gritty": Why stress-management is one of the largest pillars of health, which everyday situations cause us to enter the ‘alarm stage’ along with our own personal stressors, then Christian explains the ‘stress bucket’ (7:26-22:01)
  • "Down to Business": Be proactive rather than reactive with these 6 stress-management strategies (22:01-40:05)
  • "Q&A, Golden Nugget": We answer a listener question about the link between exercise and stress, then Christian rounds off the episode with his crispiest nugget of wisdom yet (40:05-47:36)

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