EP 1: Setting Goals & Getting Started on Your Health Journey

Busy Blokes Podcast

Jul 20 2022 • 30 mins

Welcome to the Busy Blokes Podcast with Jake Battrick & Christian Huggins.

In episode one we give you a quick rundown on our back story and goal for the podcast, then hit you right in the chops with a fresh look on a goal-setting strategy, and five simple things you can do TODAY to kickstart your health into gear.

  • Welcome and introduction (0:00-7:26)
  • "Nitty Gritty": Goal-setting (7:26-15:21)
  • "Down to Business": 5 simple things you can do TODAY to get your health on track (15:21-27:55)
  • "Golden Nugget": Something Christian wishes he'd known early on (27:55-30:36)

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