EP 7: The Mid-Way Review

Busy Blokes Podcast

Aug 31 2022 • 34 mins

Batto gives an update on all of the “magic” that’s moving him towards his Good, Better, Best Goals at the midway point of our journey. We then use the “Glow & Grow” reflection strategy for Batto & the listeners to deconstruct the learning and action steps from each week. There is SO much wisdom throughout today’s episode which you do NOT want to miss.

  • Introduction: Batto caves for some fast food (he teleported), he then details some of the compliments he’s been receiving, and we get side-tracked talking about Video Ezy and Peter Bell (0:00-9:26)
  • "Reflection”: Christian gives everyone a quick rundown on the “Glow & Grow” reflection strategy, then Batto reflects on each of the episodes with PLENTY of extra realisations and pieces of wisdom for the listeners (9:26-30:26)
  • “Golden Nugget": Christian lays down a crispy golden nugget about the power of having a “sounding board” during your journey (30:26-34:01)

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