Executive HRD

University of Houston

Executive HRD is the new podcast series from the University of Houston where we lift up the hood and look inside of the University of Houston’s Executive Master's in HRD to explore what it means to undertake an HRD Master’s and to surface some of the expected and unexpected benefits. Along the way, we meet current students, alumni, faculty and advisory board members to learn about what makes the University of Houston program so special as it celebrates its ten year anniversary. Each 30-45 minute episode looks at a different aspect of the program . The first two episodes release at the beginning of May, and the remaining eight then release weekly through May and June. The series is free and available via all major podcasting services including Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Subscribe to the Executive HRD podcast today to ensure that you catch the whole of this fascinating new series.For more information on the University of Houston’s Executive Master's in HRD, visit https://uh.edu/technology/programs/graduate/executive-human-resource-development/ read less