Why is DATA important for Leaders?

Executive HRD

Jun 8 2022 • 33 mins

In this seventh episode of Executive HRD, the new podcast series from the University of Houston, we  focus on data and how students in the program learn about the critical role that data plays in the day-to-day work of HRD professionals. To do this, we meet  faculty members as well as graduates of the program to look into why data is such an important topic for HRD, how the program helps HRD professionals to overcome a wariness of data and to then use existing data within an organization as well as generate new data, to then communicate data to employees, stakeholders, and decision makers, and how underpinning this is a new mindset or attitude about data. We also take a look at the benefits that flow from leveraging data.

Guests featured in the episode are: Dovie Crouse, Adan Morales, Daiane Polesello, Manny Rodriguez, Tracie Shavrnoch, Brittany Smith, Consuelo Waight, and Steven Woods.

For more information on the University of Houston’s Executive Master's in HRD, visit https://uh.edu/technology/programs/graduate/executive-human-resource-development/