How Might We Tap InTo Latin America’s Future Digital Designers? with Alejandra Dancuart, Colectivo23 Product Owner, and Nathan Paterson, IDEO Director

The Big Question: an IDEO Podcast

Mar 1 2022 • 29 mins

COVID-19 hit the entire world hard, but it has been detrimental to certain communities in a very specific way: The isolation and educational interruption widened pre-existing skills gaps, making it tougher to stay competitive. That is the case in Latin America, which has seen its digital skills gap expand. The global issues we face require global solutions, making it more important than ever to cultivate the next generation of designers and their unique perspectives from all corners of the globe. Latin America is no exception: It’s home to a wealth of potential digital design talent that needs to be nurtured and directed. In this episode, we talk with Alejandra Dancuart—Product Owner at Colectivo 23, part of Intercorp Group and an online learning hub for professionals who want to develop their digital skills—and IDEO Director Nathan Paterson to ask The Big Question: How might we tap into Latin America’s future digital designers? Alejandra and Nathan discuss how their two organizations partnered to explore and confront that question, the course they brought to life together, and the global-local learning that resulted.

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