YMR Podcast Interview w/ CHADD LEVINE The Superstar Lender

Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

Oct 24 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Real Estate Expert, Financial Guru, Content Creator, Coach, Family Man, Social Media Program Host, Entrepreneur Chadd Levine joins me. You want to learn how to move forward, faster? Do you want to learn from a wildly relatable business leader? I have the good fortune of knowing my friend, Chadd Levine, on many levels. It's important to pay attention to people who see things before you do... that have the vision and business savvy to push people past their fears. This guy has been an entrepreneur since being a kid- learning the pharmacy business before expanding into several business specialities. I find it amazing when someone calls themselves a "late starter" at 25! What I know, and you'll learn quickly, as you listen to my conversation with this "Superstar" is that he is certainly resourceful.

While Chadd comes off as easy, with a great laugh and the ability to make anyone feel better... there is always strategy and learned expertise behind the motivation.  Did you know that Chadd and I host a weekly Facebook Program called "Your Monday Motivation"?  Well, you do now!  Do you need a well- intentioned kick in the "arse" to get rolling? Then look no further than the man with the "Superstar Mentality" Chadd Levine... he's the real deal.

When you want to know where to find Chadd Levine- here are a few places to start. Enjoy!