S3 EP15: How Do We Leave Our Comfort Zones When Dealing with Change?

Get Your New View Podcast

Sep 21 2021 • 12 mins

In this episode, Kim Congleton and Kerry Peters discuss how training your taste buds to try something new is comparable to the pursuit of organizational change.

Eating something different is a form of discomfort, so we avoid it. If you want to grow and achieve new life experiences, anticipate the joy of trying new meals and startle your taste buds gradually. Coming out of your comfort zone can start at the dining table!

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ People don't like change but taking baby steps in getting out of their comfort zone gets them there. If you're a beginner sushi eater, it makes the most sense to try the non-threatening California roll first. Avocado, imitation crab & cucumber get you started as you progress to try more varieties the next time. In your organization, it is wise to try & implement simple changes first.

✔️ Change management starts gaining momentum as soon as your people have success with the first step. New View Strategies COO Kim Congleton emphasizes that transitions don't have to be complicated. Introducing small changes and seeing your bottom-line achieve quick wins will motivate and excite them to be wholly on board the change process.

✔️ As businesses are moving toward digitization, many companies are still processing everything 100% on paper. New View Strategies CEO Kerry Peters shares that the accounts payable area for most companies is an excellent place for this to happen. Implementation will succeed by starting with small steps until entire systems are applied and the habit is reinforced in the whole organization.

✔️ Some companies don't close their books timely and are still producing their financials every forty-five days. New View Strategies' experienced coaches help organizations speed up closing the books each month by guiding them in deciding and doing things differently. A company can move from a 45 day close to a three-day close given that they work on it, iteratively, with the mindset that there's an immense benefit that makes it worth it to make these changes.

✔️ Change is possible in a shorter period; once you set your mindset, you can work through those different things. The experts at New View Strategies work with frustrated Business Central and NAV users who struggle to use their system and find the answers & support they need. At a particular point in the project, they'll stop needing a coach and do it independently. It's a beautiful result we see happen as it puts everybody in the habit of change and not just "for change's sake."

About Kerry Peters & New View Strategies:

Kerry Peters is the CEO of New View Strategies, a company known for solving mission-critical business problems and a straight-talking, experiential approach to training and process improvement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Our relationships are long-term, and our clients report that they have boosted efficiency, solved business problems, and had fun in the process!

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