S3 EP9: Change Management, Priorities, & Analysis Paralysis

Get Your New View Podcast

Aug 10 2021 • 8 mins

Welcome back to the change management and cheese series with Kim Congleton and Kerry Peters of New View Strategies.

In this episode, we're talking about how many flavors of cheese are there, like the infinite choices we have as far as change is concerned. Since the pandemic started, companies have dealt with the "cheese in a blender" situation these days. So how do you deal with the infinite choices and prioritize your change? How do you choose?

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Why using the concept of Opportunity Benefit will help you make better decisions. When making a choice that saves you time, what else can benefit you by opening up that additional time or those other capabilities? If you have implemented a change that promotes growth rather than efficiency, understand that efficiency might come in later.

✔️ Many companies just totally get paralyzed by the number of choices and then don't choose. So that never turns out well.

✔️ How to make an action plan. Take out your whiteboard, your post-its, and get your team together to spend time and get creative with this. Create an extensive list of everything that you would improve if you could? All of those different things have different drivers behind them. So figure out which of those things are really on your radar when you prioritize things.

✔️ Overcome analysis paralysis in your company. It boils down to what's truly important to you; as a leadership group, you've got to sit down and say what is essential? What do we want to do this year? And it can't be that everything is necessary because you have to choose. Remember that "If everything's important, nothing is."

✔️ Understand that if you find out later, you made the wrong decision, you're going to learn something by going in that direction. So never be afraid to fail in that area as long as you're learning. At least you've moved, and that's what companies forget.

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