S2 EP15: Customer Success Stories with Cynthia Priebe

Get Your New View Podcast

Jun 1 2021 • 11 mins

If you're a data entry person and you're working on multiple tasks, every keystroke saves you time. Not many know how the F8 key is one of the most valuable shortcuts to copy the above field data. Cynthia Priebe, senior consultant and trainer for New View Strategies, shares how teaching these little hacks and tips delights customers and users in achieving AHA moments and access the best experience using the Microsoft Dynamics BC / NAV system.

✅ Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Know that it is impossible to have a successful implementation and utilization of the system without training. By conducting a survey, determine how many of your users have had any formal training on the system.

✔️ There are so many little light bulb moments that are going on with customers every time they attend training. It doesn't matter if they're brand new to the system or if they've been using the system for years. Just that chance to spend some time on training brings to mind all those things that introduce ways to become more efficient.

✔️ Companies create the mistake of not doing enough training, like a week of eight-hour training sessions to go live. Ongoing training is necessary and develops a culture of curiosity. Users always ask if there’s a better way to do things and a refresher version to encourage retention.

✔️ At New View Strategies, customers experience doing hands-on and see the software in action. Training is filled with stories that are real and practical for the user.

✅ About Kerry Peters & New View Strategies:

Kerry Peters is the CEO of New View Strategies, a company known for solving mission-critical business problems and a straight-talking, experiential approach to training and process improvement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Our relationships are long-term, and our clients report that they have boosted efficiency, solved business problems, and had fun in the process!

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