SE EP8: What's Your Appetite for Change?

Get Your New View Podcast

Aug 3 2021 • 13 mins

What is your organization's appetite for change? In this new episode of the Get Your New View podcast, Kim Congleton and I, the New View Strategies co-owners, sit in for a necessary conversation on how much change your organization can take. And why setting realistic timelines are essential to avoid getting slammed into place and having a bad result because of that.

Essential points covered in this episode:

✔️Whether it's moving into this new building or upgrading to software, what people forget to do is ask themselves, is it a realistic timeline? Anticipating the time it takes for design, set-up, training, or testing, there's a lot more detail on that. For example, it's going to be 80 hours of user acceptance testing, and they think that those 80 hours will happen in two weeks.

✔️ When we think of projects that have gone through too quickly, the worst consequences are failed user adoption—not having gotten proper buy-in and the right training with why we're making a change, why we're doing it differently.

✔️ Projects, where testing doesn't get done are projects that fail. If you want your people to do that, making that space for them to do that is critical. It's essential not to burn them out by adequately identifying time, resources, and how quickly you're going to go.

✔️If you have people doing their regular day job and doing the projects on top of and you're trying to do something in six months, which really should be stretched out to a year to be a more realistic timeline, you can burn your people out quickly. And then to your point, the user adoption and you find it goes downhill with it.

✔️Leadership requires being present and continuing to tell the team that they are making progress toward their goal. Doing so shows support and says a clear message of what the priorities for growth are.

✔️How have you dealt with the timeline on projects in the past? Did you get them right — was it too long? Was it too short? And how would you like that to happen differently? It's a great way to start thinking about that because we often repeat our behavior.

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