The Future of Education? Now, You can Literally Google It

Silver Lining for Learning

Jan 7 2023 • 1 hr

What might the future of education look like? Google for Education collaborated with research partner Canvas8 to conduct a study across 24 countries on the future of education. The result is a three-part global report highlighting insights from around the world from Google for Education released in December 2022. Part III of this report is called Reimagining Learning Ecosystems. It covers three trends: (1) upgrading learning environments, (2) empowering educators with data, and (3) re-evaluating student progress. Join Jennie Magiera the Global Head of Education Impact at Google and Kimberly Lane Clark Senior Program Manager at Google for Education as they share the top trends from the report and what they mean for educators and education leaders around the world.

See Future of Education report:
See Future of Education report:

Part 1: Preparing for a New Future

Part 2: Evolving How We Teach and Learn

Part 3: Reimagining Learning Ecosystems