S2 E1: PR Trends for 2023 with David Fuscus of Xenophon Strategies

PRGN Presents: News & Views from the Public Relations Global Network

Jan 12 2023 • 14 mins

ESG, AI and innovation are three major trends that will shape 2023 for communications professionals, says David Fuscus, CEO of Xenophon Strategies.

In this episode, David discusses the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) programs, which are becoming an increased focus for corporations across the globe.

He emphasizes the need for corporations to be transparent and honest about their environmental and social responsibility in order to maintain credibility with the public. The United States is lagging behind in this area, but big changes are coming in terms of regulation and requirements. It is important for companies to not just focus on the environmental part of ESG, but also the social and governance parts as well.

Abbie points out that ESG is not just about creating a spreadsheet, but about taking a stand on particular issues and being vocal about it. David advises businesses to take advantage of opportunities to improve their ESG rating in order to attract more investors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has generated many headlines in recent weeks, and the public is starting to realize the ways that AI generated content can be used in everyday life.

PR firms need to produce a variety of content, and AI can help with that. However, skilled PR professionals are still needed to create compelling stories that capture people's attention. In today's communications landscape, it is important for PR agencies to be able to produce a many different types of content in order to run successful campaigns.

One way to accomplish this is by driving down the cost of content production -- which can actually increase the importance of the strategy and thinking behind the PR campaigns.

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About the Guest

David Fuscus is the 2022-23 President of the Public Relations Global Network and CEO of PRGN's Washington, DC member agency, Xenophon Strategies. Previous to founding Xenophon in 2000 after a career in politics. He started on Capital Hill and worked for President George H.W. Bush. He was also the chief spokesman for the airline industry and conducted over 6,000 media interviews during his tenure at the Air Transport Association.

About the Host

Abbie Fink is vice president/general manager of HMA Public Relations in Phoenix, Arizona and a founding member of PRGN. Her marketing communications background includes skills in media relations, digital communications, social media strategies, special event management, crisis communications, community relations, issues management, and marketing promotions for both the private and public sectors, including such industries as healthcare, financial services, professional services,...