Generational trauma with special guest Sunny- The Goddess of Elevation.

The Journey to Self-love

Jul 20 2022 • 46 mins

Self-love babes! Hello & Welcome to our new series of special guest episodes!
I am so excited to be sharing this with you guys.

As promised I will be bringing women on the podcast to talk about their journey their healing and how they are using their stories to help other women. By holding space for these women I keep my vision to bring you wisdom, knowledge & guidance to your journey to self-love.

This episode is a little longer than usual but I promise, is so worth the time.
Sunni and I dove deep into Generational Trauma and how it impacts our:
Mental health, Mindset & our Bank account.

Find & follow the lovely Sunni- The Goddess of Elevation on IG:  @goddesselevation

Brew some tea or coffee or whatever drink you please. Sit, lay back & relax. As we dive deep into the deliciousness of loving ourselves.

This is YOUR time, enjoy!

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Thank you for listening,
XOXO Naty.

Love and light,

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