Bonus: Hardcover Cook + Jenny Hartin, Eat Your Books

The Cookbook Pantry

Sep 21 2021 • 13 mins

In this Season One special bonus episode, Monique talks to Jenny Hartin, Director of Publicity for Eat Your Books and founder of the Facebook group: The Cookbook Junkies.

Eat Your Books is a website for people who love cookbooks and love to use great recipes. If you have a cookbook collection, you probably get a lot of pleasure from browsing your books - but there are times when you haven't got time to look through them all to find a recipe. Or maybe you feel you're not using them as effectively as you'd like, sticking to familiar recipes or not branching beyond the current favorites.

Eat Your Books can help you find recipes in seconds - we're the only website to have indexed the most popular cookbooks, so you can include them in your online searches.You might also like to use recipes from other sources and with Eat Your Books you can do a single search across ALL your recipes, no matter where they are.

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