Performing Beyond Doubt: The Fearless Podcast

Jeff Nelsen & Dr. Katy Carnaggio

How can I walk onstage in front of important people and perform my best? What is the best way for me to practice? How can I always do the music justice while at the same time, performing like myself? …and what’s up with Canada, eh?! These questions have been asked again and again by scholars and viola players alike…except maybe that last question. Musicians want to know they can deliver their best performance when it really matters, but they’re more used to walking onstage somewhat prepared and offstage disappointed. Jeff Nelsen and Dr. Katy Carnaggio unpack what breaks down throughout the Prepare and Perform cycle, and give you a plan so you can leave your stage satisfied with what you just did.With their 3-Lane approach (Technician, Musician, Performer), Katy and Jeff deliver strategies and tools to help you take action and create a performance your audience can appreciate and you can be proud of. They’ve worked with musicians in orchestras including the Chicago Symphony and the Cleveland Orchestra to individuals who want to stop getting so nervous for their community band concerts. Join Jeff and Katy every Fearless Friday afternoon for a new episode on how you can perform well beyond your doubt. read less