Encountering God Through Worship

So Good Sisterhood

Mar 18 2024 • 40 mins

How can you turn everyday moments into holy moments? In this episode, Caylie Bryant and Steven Robertson share about the power of worship.

So Good Moments:

  • How Caylie obeyed God even though she didn’t feel qualified.
  • Why worship is such a critical part of being a disciple.
  • How ordinary moments turn into holy moments for Steven.
  • How worship can become a weapon of our spiritual warfare.
  • Advice for how to worship when we don’t feel like it… and more!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What stood out to you from today’s podcast?
  2. What is one special moment you’ve had in worship?
  3. What needs to change in your perspective or actions for your ordinary moments to become holy moments?
  4. What is one thing that you thank God for every day?
  5. What’s your favorite worship song?



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