Encountering God When Life Feels Complicated

So Good Sisterhood

Mar 4 2024 • 31 mins

How do you encounter God when life feels messy? In this episode, Irene Rollins shares how God met her in her darkest hours.

So Good Moments:

  • How Irene had an encounter with God in rehab.
  • Why it’s important to quiet your soul and take time to listen to the Holy Spirit.
  • How to encounter God through life transitions.
  • Why it’s vital to let yourself feel disappointment and grief.
  • The power of community when you feel far from God.
  • How to approach the Bible if you’re new to reading it…and more!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What stood out to you about Irene’s story?
  2. Do you have a tendency to get caught up in busyness?
  3. What life transitions have you needed strength through?
  4. How has community helped grow your faith?
  5. What is one fact about you that only a close friend would know?


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