Making God the Gardener of Your Life and Heart

So Good Sisterhood

Aug 1 2022 • 33 mins

Making God the Gardener of Your Life and Heart

Season 3 | Episode 5

How do you respond when God cuts something out of your life? In this episode, Amanda Gonzalez and Karissa Robinson unpack Pastor Julie’s message, “The Key to a Fruitful Life.” You’ll learn how to trust God through the pruning process and stay connected to Jesus through every season.

So Good Moments:

  • What “cut off” really means, according to the original Greek translation.
  • Practical resources to study Scripture.
  • What it looks like to stay connected to the vine and bear lasting fruit.
  • Why can't we produce unless we get pruned?
  • Why pruning is not punishment and the importance of giving people permission to speak into your life.
  • Amanda’s favorite summer snack and more!

Summer Guide:




Pastor Julie’s Message

Bible Project

Blue Letter Bible

Watermelon Salad Recipe

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