Feral Kids / The Red

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Sep 23 2021 • 1 hr 33 mins

Brett talks feral kids on this episode... probably not surprising but the reality of the "real-life Mowgli" did not have the happy life or Hollywood ending portrayed in Disney's The Jungle Book, content inspired by the feral child Dina Sanichar. Josh then gets into conspiracies, war profiteering, future tech and all the things that make sci-fi both awesome and terrifying. He's discussing (and highly recommending!) Linda Nagata's book trilogy: The Red.

Off-top Links and References:

The Feral Boy Who Inspired ‘The Jungle Book’

Dina Sanichar Photo

Mirador II Drone Skate Vid


(Very Profitable) Business of War

Defense Contractors and Congressional Spending

Future Tech: Ballistic Computer

Future Tech: Combat Goggles

Mind Reading and Neuralink

Musk Mind Reading Prediction


(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)

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