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Aug 12 2021 • 1 hr 17 mins

How can Coca-Cola make you millionaire? Well if it's the 1920s and you're in Quincy, Florida, I'd go ahead and take that investment advice from your banker Pat. After the podcast's shortest ever off-top, Josh brings the heat with a triple feature triple threat! These three terrifying thrillers don't feature your run-of-the-mill ghost, alien or boogeyman ... these films truly petrify because they star our  real-life monsters that lurk in the woods, under water or worst of all: Florida. So get ready to take off to terror-land with some thrills that are eerily grounded with Backcountry, The Reef and Crawl. It's time for Josh's Monster Movie Triple Feature!

Off-top Links and References:

The Town of Coca-Cola Millionaires

What “Coca-Cola Millionaires" Can Teach You About Investing


Real Bears in Backcountry

Mark Jordan Bear Attack

Making of The Reef 1

Making of The Reef 2

Real Sharks in The Reef

Making of Crawl


(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)

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