Vocations and Vacations Podcast Episode 3 - Life Update, Husband and Wife, and Top Five Places

Vocations and Vacations Podcast with Jason and Sam

Apr 30 2022 • 47 mins

On this month's episode, as we had to miss out on recording an episode in March due to scheduling conflict, as well as an incident in our home with our youngest right now kid, we talk about our Vocation as Husband and Wife, including an announcement about requesting "A Simple Explanation of Christianity" if you visit https://vocationsandvacations.com/lsc-request/, and our Top 5 Destinations that we like most. We mention Hays, Kansas, Spokane, Washington, Missoula, Montana, Helena, Montana, and Branson, Missouri. We will include updates, with select photos, over on Facebook at Vocations and Vacations Travel Page. You can also visit our Website, or send us an email at vocations@vocationsandvacations.com if you want to hear about a certain vocation. Talk to you next month on Vocations and Vacations Podcast with Jason and Sam.