The 3/5 Profile in Human Design - The Martyr Heretic

The HD Your Biz® Show - Human Design for Business with Jamie Palmer

May 19 2023 • 13 mins

On today's episode of the HD Your Biz Podcast - Human Design for Business I continue the deep dive into the 12 profiles series in human design. Today's episode the 3/5 profile in human design known as the martyr heretic. This is profile that is here to experiment, disrupt and embody the wisdom of their trial and error as they show other a new way to do things when all else has failed.

This is one of the projected profiles and the 3/5 needs to be mindful of answering the correct projections or they will end up bruised and "burned at the stake." .These are people who oscilate between acceptance and rejection, bonds made and bonds broken, and attractive and unattractive.  It is key for people with this profile to get clear on what their values are so that they can know what is worth while for them to be seen for. Let's dive into the 3/5 profile in human design

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Speaker 1 (00:02):

The three five profile, the martyr, heretic in traditional human design or as I like to say, the experimenter disruptor. You are a visionary here to change the way we see the world. You are a well of knowledge and you acquire this knowledge through your experimentations. You are curious, resilient, and have a deep capacity to thrive. You bring a new lens with which we can see the world when you were called upon a gift to humanity, to bring ease into the lives of others, a better way to do things. You are influential, a leader here before your time, but your time will come and you will answer the call and you'll be seen in all of your power as you disrupt the way things have always been done in order to bring some new, something better to the lives of those around you. All right, let's dive into the three five profile.


So as you may or not may or may not know, I am a three five profile and I have many wonderful three fives in my life currently. And these are people who are here to dance through life bumping into things. They take the long road. And the reality is the third line is the transition between the lower hexagram and the upper hexagram. It's known as the stairs. And this is really where we make material in the world. The third line doesn't need others in order to fill, fulfill its destiny. While the fifth line, the disruptor is recognized as someone who is here with the capacity to help. The fifth line needs other people in order to fulfill their destiny. So when these two lines come together to make a profile, they're fearless, they're resilient, they change the way that things have always been done in order to pave a new way, something innovative, creative, influential.


And the three five dances through life with trial and error experimentation. They take the long road and they use their power. This comes from the fifth line magnetism in attractiveness air quotes, because fifth lines don't always feel that way for the greater good. And so when we look at this, this is kind of the transition point. The third line transitions between the lower first floor and the second floor. And these are people who are here to experiment in the world and they go through a lot of trial and error. And this can lead them to really feeling like a quote failure. Their experimentation process is not part of their identity, it's just simply how they move throughout the world. And that was one of the biggest aha moments for me when I learned about being a three five, because I was carrying a lot of guilt

Speaker 2 (02:58):

And shame. And for me, learning that I moved through the world with trial and error was a very helpful thing. It allowed me to create this little bit of separation between all of the bumps and bruises and failed experiments and things that I had tried and hadn't hadn't worked out. And the reality is that's true for all third lines. They're here to take the long road, the unpaved road, and they do that so that they can gain wisdom for the people in their lives. And so they bump into things, they learn something new, and then they improve the world around them. And I always like to say it's not a matter of if a third line is going to get tackled when they go out into the world, it's just a matter of when. And then we have the fifth line. And the fifth line is that attic.


And that's really the fifth line is really the highest universalizing power in terms of all of the lines in human design. And these are people who other people project their hopes and dreams and expectations on them. People love to just sit bask in the aura of a fifth line and particularly a three five because that is the highest expression of the lower trigrams. And so that fifth line when aligned is magnetic and selfless and attractive and influential when they answer the correct projections. And so when we bring these two profiles together, they're harmonic. But there's a lot of dichotomy that exists because the third line bumps into things and can be labeled a failure and can be projected on as a failure. And then that fifth line, people don't always get to see the true person. So these are people who can be pessimistic about life and the fact that other people put their stuff onto them all the time.


And the reality is they are here to get into the ring of life. They are here to experience through trial and error, and they're here to get onto the playing field of life. But the reality is these are people who have a lot of depth and a lot of wisdom from experience. They can see faster than the other profiles what's going to work. And they also have this theme of bonds made in brokens. So they may need to renegotiate their relationships a lot. And there's really this idea of, are you with me as a three five? Because what they're here to disrupt is not for everyone, right? Because these are resilient people. They challenge the status quo, they disrupt and they see a better way to do things, and they really bring discipline to chaos. But not everyone sees them for who they are. And as a result, they often have this deep capacity to really be able to handle whatever life throws at them, both the good and the bad.


And they sort through those things and they often can kind of pull out some learning and they bring new light and they bring new wisdom to a new way of doing things. And the reality is they universalize something, right? They're here to universalize something. They're here to bring something together in a new way when every other way has failed. So their message as a three five is not everyone's ready to hear that message. And that's really important. We're understanding your strategy and authority and honoring that as a three five becomes really in important. It becomes really critical because these are people, they're adaptable, they're fluid, they're bendable, they're resilient, and they thrive in chaos. And they see a different way to do things, which is often better, but they have to be kind of called or invited to bring that practicality to the table. Otherwise they will get burned at the stake.


And these are people with their innovative way of innovative ways of doing things. They often have profound discoveries. They have massive growth, they create great change in the world, but they have to be really careful about who and when they share it because their ideas can seem really radical to other people, and they have to be called in when other things have failed. I look at my own business and I think about my life pre-human design and my agency, and I would share these things. And in hindsight, I could see that people weren't ready to receive those ideas. And now with human design, I wait, right? I will wait for that invitation. But I really like over and over again, I'm coming in on a daily basis these days for people who are tired of doing business in a homogenized way, who are tired of the one size fits all approach to building an online business.


And they really want to kind of revolutionize the way that things are done. Those are the people that are ready to hear my message. But if there's somebody who's like, I'm happy in my X, Y, Z way of doing things, I'm happy in my pressure launch way of doing things, they're not going to be ready to hear my message. And therefore what will happen is they'll often burn me at the stake because they're not ready to hear that. And the reality is, as a three five, it's really important to get very clear on what your values are. What are you willing to be burned at the stake for? Because with this profile, you are going to bu you're going to get bump into things. So it's not a matter of if you quote, get burned at the stake, and that's Ros language. Think of that as your reputation is going to get bruised, particularly in the business world.


But you're fearless, right? You're here to do things in a new way. So you have to go through these cycles of experimentations and failures and disappointments so that you can step into your role as a visionary and really help people do extraordinary things. Like you shine a light on new things. You bring new values and possibilities and beliefs, and you're often very generous and selfless and determined. But it's not a matter of if you're going to get tackled by life, life is going to tackle you. And oftentimes you're going to dust yourself up and keep going. You have this grittiness about you. You have this resilience, resilience and this capacity to endure and explore and learn and discover. But the reality is you will eventually get burned at the stakes. So establishing core values for you is a really important thing for those who are 3, 5, 3 fives.


Because this can help them discern like, is this the right person for me? Is this the right person to have in my life? Is this the right person to support in my business? Because they're clear on what their values are. And I think that's where it can kind of get muddy for three fives. I know for me, I've gotten really clear on my core values and it has changed the game for me. And so the thing here is in some of the challenges that are present here are many, they're going to get labeled. You're going to get labeled as a failure as a three five, yet that's how you move about the world. You're also going to get projected on people are going to never actually truly see you. So you may need to actually repeat yourself multiple times. I highly recommend as a three five that you reframe your relationship with failure, particularly because many three fives are shamed early on for their mistakes.


And so they can often feel unworthy or feel like they're not enough. But the reality is, as a three five, you're here to move about the world through trial and error. It's not who you are. It's how you experience the world. And so learning to dance with that is really important. So give yourself and those in your life, like the heads up, I need lots of space and grace. And you may also find many three fives that I've worked with. They're often stripped of their innocence really early. They get blamed for things they're projected on. They take on more responsibility before they're ready, and they often carry those wounds into adulthood. And learning to reclaim your power and your capacity as a three five becomes really important. And I think the other piece that's important to understand is that most people never truly see the whole of A three five.


They're deep. They're a well of experience. They have a lot of awareness. They're curious. They have a lot of wisdom. And for them to really live at their highest expression and embrace that power and answer the correct calls, they have to be really clear on what their values are. What are they willing to go out into the world and get burned at the state for? What are they willing to go out into the world and experiment with? Because they will get tackled on the field of life, and they're here to be in the ring. You're here as a three five to be in the ring of life. You're here to get down lock arms with people and experience stuff. You're here to lead out in front. Let me blaze the trail. And so the reality is not everybody's going to see that because they're too busy projecting on you.


They're too busy basking in the aura of you and projecting their own hopes and dreams, their own expectations on you. So being really clear about what you're willing to get out into the field of life for and to fight for becomes really important. So some questions that you can ask A three five profile. What did you learn from your experience? Is this something that you're actually willing to come in and save the day on? Is this your fight? Is it worth fighting for? Have you established your core values or principles? Where are you labeling yourself a failure? What is the lesson you will take with you from this experience? What is a better way to do X? Am I actually willing to be burned at the stake for this? Who is part of my community? Who is with me? Am I being labeled and projected on? Or is this something that I actually want to do? Where might I be giving my own power away? And am I doing something I believe in, or because I think I should or because so and so said I'm good at it. And then lastly, am I owning my role as a leader and a visionary? Thank you so much for tuning into the three five profile. We'll catch you on the next one.