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When it comes to technology, you may have questions. So do we. Every other week, we demystify the tech industry, one answer at a time. Join us as we bring together a chorus of perspectives from within Red Hat to break down the big, emerging ideas that matter both today and beyond. Compiler is hosted by Angela Andrews and Brent Simoneaux. Learn more about our show at redhat.com/en/compiler-podcast

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Introducing Compiler
Apr 13 2021
2 mins
When Should Data Die?How Bad Is Betting Wrong On The Future?Are We As Productive As We Think?Who's Afraid Of Compilers?How Do Roads Become Smarter?What Do Kids Learn When They Learn About Tech?Command Line Heroes Presents: Relentless ReplicatorsHow Can Memes Improve Security?Can Kubernetes Help People Find Love?How Should We Handle Failure?Mailbag: Managers, Technical DebtWhat's The Recipe For Burnout?How Are Tech Hubs Changing?Why Should You Write Technical Documentation?How Do We Mentor The Next Generation Of IT Leaders?Do We Still Need Strong Copyleft Licenses?Can Superstitions Solve Technical Problems?Do We Want a World Without Technical Debt?What Are Tech Hiring Managers Looking For?What Can Video Games Teach Us About Edge Computing?